Ministry History

March 22nd, 2012

The Reverend Dr. J. Philip Spitzbergen is a veteran of 56 years in ministry.

Brief Biography

He was born in Michigan in 1929,  he was reared in a Dutch Reform Church.  He was converted to Christ at the First Baptist Church in Biloxi, Mississippi while in the Air Force in October of 1947.  He was baptized in the Holy Ghost in Rantoul, Illinois at Chanute Air Force Base on February 3, 1948.  He became a full-time evangelist in 1952, after leaving the Air Force.

Ministry Highlights

He ministered in the oldest Presbyterian Church in Manhattan, New York, and on two occasions in Carnegie Hall.  He also had the priviledge in Alabama of baptizing over 200 persons in a revival he held there.  Also in the mountains of Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, he had the priviledge of baptizing more than 200 in the Shenandoah River.

Over the years Dr. J. Philip Spitzbergen has ministered throughout the United States, doing missionary work with trips to Canada, Mexico, Haiti, England, Israel, Argentina, Papua New Guinea and Egypt.

Most of his evangelsitic work has been on along the East coast using Gospel Tents, having seen many manifestations of the grace and glory of God as many were healed, saved, and delivered.

Ministerial Education

He received a doctorate  from The River Bible Institute in Tampa, Florida.  He also received a doctorate from the School of Theology Seminary under Dr. R. E. Anderson in San Jacinto, California.


He has raised six children – 3 of which are ministers – and the rest are gospel workers.  He is blessed with having 17 grand children and five great grand children.

He helped his son Mark pioneer the Abiding Place Ministries now located at 10180 Willow Creek Road in San Diego California.

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